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Ο Malcolm X ήταν μπάι;

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(το πιο ενδιαφέρον εν τούτον, κλικ δαμέ)

Was Malcolm X bisexual? Prof Manning Marable offers evidence

London - 5 April 2011

Peter Tatchell writes:

The esteemed African-American Columbia University historian, Professor Manning Marable, died last week, aged 60. He was a prestigious and acclaimed chronicler of black history and a leading figure in African-American studies. I greatly admired his scholarship and much of his politics. His death is a great loss.

Read this Guardian obituary, κλικ δαμέ. 

Manning's latest book was published posthumously this week. Called: Malcolm X - A Life of Reinvention, it is one of the two most in-depth and honest accounts of Malcolm X ever published, with many new insights. 

See this New York Times book review, κλικ δαμέ. 

Among many interesting revelations, Manning's biography of Malcolm concurs with my thesis, first expressed nearly two decades ago, that Malcolm X had same-sex encounters and relationships.

See my more recent Guardian newspaper articles on Malcolm's youthful bisexuality - 2005: δαμέ and 2009: τζιαι δαμέ.

My claims were not original. They were based on evidence collected by the brilliant US author Bruce Perry and documented in his towering 1991 book, Malcolm: The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America. Perry was unfairly maligned by black nationalists and the Nation of Islam for recounting Malcolm's gay / bisexual past. So was I. We were accused of racism and revisionism.

Manning Marable was a widely respected historian with great credibility in academic, black and left-wing circles. His corroboration of Malcolm X's same-sex experiences will hopefully help undermine the decades of denialism by those who misguidedly regard homosexuality as shameful and unAfrican. 

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